M to the Third Power

When I was a small child, there was an epidemic of tuberculosis, the effect of which put me in complete trauma as it tragically affected my family, friends and community.

I vowed to myself that I was going to be of service to the well being of people.

During that time, the ‘street numbers’ were the order of the day for the African-American community as the ‘numbers provided economic independence. There were so many numbers around me, that I fell in love with the world of mathematics at 5 years old. Later those very numbers, attracted me to indigenous African spirituality because numerology was embedded in the philosophy. Upon receiving a stick divination while visiting shamans in Burkina Faso, West Africa, I was told, by them, that they they did not know why I was running away from it but my real purpose was medicine.

However, because I was so good with math and had embraced Dagara spirituality, that my purpose was three fold. Thus, medicine, math, and medicine wheel – M to the third power.


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