M to the Third Power

When I was a small child, there was an epidemic of tuberculosis, the effect of which put me in complete trauma as it tragically affected my family, friends and community.

I vowed to myself that I was going to be of service to the well being of people.

During that time, the ‘street numbers’ were the order of the day for the African-American community as the ‘numbers provided economic independence. There were so many numbers around me, that I fell in love with the world of mathematics at 5 years old. Later those very numbers, attracted me to indigenous African spirituality because numerology was embedded in the philosophy. Upon receiving a stick divination while visiting shamans in Burkina Faso, West Africa, I was told, by them, that they they did not know why I was running away from it but my real purpose was medicine.

However, because I was so good with math and had embraced Dagara spirituality, that my purpose was three fold. Thus, medicine, math, and medicine wheel – M to the third power.

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Natural Medicine

Ξ Historian, Dr. Asa Hillard, once said that everyone in Africa learned medicine because you didn’t know where you were going to be when the snake bit. Likewise, we must emphatically take responsibility for our own health!

Ξ Father of the macrobiotic diet, George Oshawa, said that the animal kingdom is merely mutated chlorophyll. This implies that are bodies depend on chlorophyll or a plant-based diet for our very existence.

Ξ The chlorophyll molecule and the hemoglobin molecule have fundamentally the same molecular structure. The difference is that the chlorophyll molecule utilizes magnesium to capture the suns energy and through photosynthesis produces oxygen for the earth. The hemoglobin molecule utilizes iron and through heme synthesis produces oxygen to be carried to the lungs and tissues of the body.

Ξ Animals instinctively (carnivorous and herbivorous) chew on green grasses and green leaves for their health.  Humans, traditionally, use, among others, the mechanism of careful observation, comparing the look of plants to that of the human anatomy, for choice of food and medicine.


Ξ The etymology of the word math is Greek and it means learning by inquiry— any subject.

Ξ The definition of math came to be known by African scholars during the 12th dynasty of Kemet (Egypt) as, “the right method of investigating nature to know all that exists, all mysteries, and all things secret.”

Ξ The foundation of mathematics is rooted in the spiritual and cosmological belief system of a people.

Ξ As mathematical concepts are derived from patterns found in nature, all math follows a pattern.

African Medicine Wheel

The African Medicine Wheel is based on the cosmology of the Dagara people of Burkina Faso, West Africa. That cosmology consists of five elements: fire, water, earth, mineral, and nature.

According to the Dagara people,these elements contain the genetic code for the who that we are.  As a result each of us is born with a unique gift/purpose.  We bring this gift with us to help in the healing of the earth. Consequently, we must never under-estimate the effect of the elements on our daily lives nor under-estimate the power of our gifts!

The African Medicine Wheel is used to determine your purpose based on the last digit in your birth year. If the last digit of your birth year is:

Ξ 2 or 7, FIRE person, the VISIONARY
Ξ  1 or 6, WATER person, the PEACEMAKER
Ξ 0 or 5, EARTH person, the NOURISHER
Ξ 4 or 9, MINERAL person, the ARTIST and HISTORIAN
Ξ 3 or 8 , NATURE person, the TRANSFORMER and CHANGER

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